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What is it?

The Koolzie is designed to keep your beverage at the exact temperature you enjoy so that you can keep your focus on being the best you!  Using advanced technological means we are going to actively keep your beverage Kool.  


So what does this mean for you? It means you get to enjoy your favorite beverage from beginning to end, without compromise, at your perfect temperature.

Why the Koolzie?

You might be thinking “Yeah, that's nice and all, but I have one of those fancy foam things” or “Isn’t that what ice is for?”  And you’re right, in the good ol’ days those were the only options, but those options either slowed the warming process or left you with a watered down beverage. Yuck! With all the current technology why can't we pick a temperature of our beverage and keep it there?

About the Koolzie.

That phrase is what started the Koolzie.  A close friend of mine finished his tour in the marines and we were out with a group of friends. As he finished telling one of his stories from overseas he muttered this exact phrase “With all the technology now-a-days, why hasn't someone invented something to keep your beer cold?” Now hold on, I know what you're thinking,  I drink my beer before it gets warm. However being shipped all over the world and visiting many places had led my buddy to be a beer aficionado and not a chugger.  If one person thought this, there must be more people that would like to enjoy their beverage rather then chug it. More on this later. Back to the story; so there we are standing around in a circle throwing out ideas when I mutter “I got it!”  After a brief explanation of my idea, I’m met with confused face by my friends. A week later I show them plans of the Koolzie, to which now I get to share with you.

Why we think the Koolzie is great!

On the road to developing the Koolzie we have ran across many people who have told us that we slam/chug our beers and they don't have enough time to get cold. If that's your method of consumption, we’re not here to stop you. Although I am sure you can admit you remember multiple activities or times where your beverage had warmed.  Which brings us to our next point. The traditional methods of keeping your beverage cooler. Ice and foam.  Foam doesn't stop your beverage from getting warm, it just slows the process. From the moment you take your beverage out of its chilled place it does nothing but start to get disgustingly warm. Ice on the other hand does something worse, it dilutes your drink! On top of that it's quickly losses its cooling capacity as the ice melts.

In closing.

So you see, the Koolzie has always been about trying to leave you with one less thing to worry about.  We just want to help you enjoy what ever your doing. Leave it to us to keep your beverage at the perfect temperature.

Koolzie Cooler
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